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    Recognized with a 2012 Innovation Award by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Quiet Ride has created a quantum leap forward in boating enjoyment. The exclusive Sea Ray technology is now available a standard equipment aboard our 250 SLX and 270 SLX. Contact your sales specialist today for a demo ride, and see how we are silently changing boating forever.

What Is Quiet Ride?
Quiet Ride is method of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) reduction designed to create a luxury boating experience. The proprietary technology uses acoustical forensics, advanced engineering and sound-attenuation materials to deaden sound and vibration at the source. It is not bolt-on equipment or an afterthought. It is a fundamental change in the build process that only Sea Ray can deliver.

Why Create Quiet Ride?
The reduction of NVH has become a key thrust in the automotive, aviation and luxury household goods industries. Sea Ray thinks the boating industry should be no different. Noise and vibration do not have to be an accepted part of our favorite pastime.

How Quiet Ride Works.
Quiet Ride targets four distinct areas of NVH reduction:

1. A patented Tuned Transom® from Omni Products Inc. reduces noise and vibration created by engine and drive. 
2. A special inner laminate material in hull, deck and liner reduces noise and vibration from water hitting hull. 
3. The precise engineering and fit and finish of components reduce noise and vibration throughout the boat. 
4. Full-beam bulkheads and acoustical insulation trap and absorb noise and vibration before they can enter the cockpit. 

Benefits of Quiet Ride.


  •  Less noise
  •  Less vibration
  •  Smoother ride
  •  Luxury boating experience

      Measuring decibels in 14 areas of a 250 SLX® with Quiet Ride, Sea Ray experience sound reductions of more than 10 dB in some areas and an average reduction of 6.8 dB throughout.* To put these numbers in perspective, a decrease of 10 dB equals a sound being twice as low. Quiet Ride represents an overall noise reduction of 25 to 50 percent. In addition, vibration is greatly decreased.

      *Test data arrived at after comparing a model-year 2012 Sea Ray 250 SLX with Quiet Ride and a 2012 Sea Ray 250 SLX without Quiet Ride measured at 3500 rpm, both equipped with the same power. Decibel readings will change with variances in wind strength, wind direction, current, water conditions, and exact location of the decibel meter. 

    Now On iPad!

    To install the Sea Ray Quiet Ride app on your iPad, please go to www.searaymobile.com/QuietRide in your Safari browser or tap on the link above to be redirected to the iPad version. Then add the page to your homescreen using the Safari Action button. You will now be able to enjoy the app in fullscreen mode.