Don't be left out in the cold! Winterize Now!
Protect your investment by having our trained technicians winterize your boat to ensure it will be kept safe through the winter season and ready for Spring.

Bring your boat to us or we will come to you. Erwin Marine Sales offer service for all boats and engines, outboard, inboard/outboards, diesels, in-water or on trailers.
Marine Service Technician

Why winterize?
Reasons to winterize your boat with Erwin Marine Sales:

  1. Unprotected engines can and will freeze causing cracked blocks and/or manifolds
  2. Erwin Marine has industry trained certified technicians that will service your boat so that you can be assured your boat will be ready to hit the water come spring!
  3. Winterization has changed due to E-10 Ethanol! Do not try this at home!
  4. Water can get trapped in blocks and freeze, even if it seems like they are drained (MPI engines require anti-freeze flushed through the modules)
  5. We offer special promotions that combine annual service requirements with winter protection
  6. We stand behind our winterization process & service work
  7. Piece of mind - 100% guarantee no freeze damage if winterization is performed by Erwin Marine Sales.
  8. Cheap insurance vs. high cost of component or engine replacement

Winterizing is an important part of boat ownership. Protect your investment. Schedule your appointment today! 

SPECIALS: Contact us for more information and to schedule or your service appointment. Click below to view/print winterization form or contact our Service Department for an appointment.

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Chickamauga Marina

Winterization Form Chickmauga Marina
Gold Point Yacht Harbor

Winterization Form Gold Point Yacht Harbor
Sunrise Marina

Winterization Form Sunrise Marina