Glistening Good Times: Erwin Marine Sales Leads the Way in The Lighted Boat Parade

Glistening Good Times: Erwin Marine Sales Leads the Way in The Lighted Boat Parade


The holiday season brings with it a unique magic, and here at Erwin Marine Sales, we’ve been unwrapping that enchantment along the waters of The Lighted Boat Parade. Picture a fleet of boats adorned with glittering lights, gliding through the night like floating constellations. Our boats didn’t just participate; they took the lead in creating an unforgettable spectacle that brought joy and holiday cheer to all. Let’s dive into the glistening good times that The Lighted Boat Parade brought to the Riverfront!

The Sparkling Fleet

The boats weren’t just vessels; they were floating works of art. From sleek yachts to charming cruisers, the lineup was a celebration of nautical style. The boats, bedecked with festive decorations, lit up the night with a dazzling display of lights, capturing the spirit of the season leaving the spectators in awe. 20,000 people joined together on the Riverfront stairs to watch The Lighted Boat Parade. Some even stood on Walnut Street Bridge to look down at the beauty and cars stopped to witness the holiday cheer on the river!

Navigating Holiday Cheer: Erwin Marine’s Contribution

Beyond the glitz and glamor, Erwin Marine Sales took pride in contributing to the holiday cheer that permeated The Lighted Boat Parade. We believe in fostering a sense of community and joy, and our team worked beside Rivercity Company and the Southern Belle to infuse the event with that spirit. The parade wasn’t just a display; it was an experience that brought people together in the true spirit of the season.

Behind the Scenes: Preparation and Planning

Planning for The Lighted Boat Parade is a meticulous process, and at Erwin Marine Sales, every detail was considered. Our dedicated team worked behind the scenes to ensure that each boat had a docking space, lights, and all people participating in the parade would have a safe and secure experience. From coordinating lighting installations to checking every mechanical detail, our preparations were a testament to our commitment to delivering a seamless and magical experience.

Capturing the Audience: Erwin Marine’s Parade Strategy

Positioning ourselves strategically in the parade wasn’t just a matter of logistics; it was an art. We wanted to capture the audience’s attention and create moments that would be etched in their memories. From choreographed light displays to surprise giveaways, our parade strategy aimed to engage and delight spectators. It wasn’t just about sailing; it was about crafting an experience that resonated with the holiday spirit.

Reflecting on Past Successes

As we reminisce about past Lighted Boat Parades, we can’t help but be proud of the successes. The positive feedback from participants and spectators alike has been heartwarming.  It’s not just about the boats; it’s about the shared moments and the joyous atmosphere that everyone’s participation helped create.

Looking Ahead: Erwin Marine’s Future in The Lighted Boat Parade

As we look ahead, the excitement builds for future Lighted Boat Parades. Erwin Marine Sales is committed to bringing even more joy, innovation, and sparkle to this beloved event. Stay tuned for new surprises, as we continue to lead the way in making The Lighted Boat Parade an annual highlight of the holiday season. Join us on this journey, and let’s create more glistening good times together!


In wrapping up this illuminated voyage, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us and to Rivercity Company and the Southern Belle for helping make this event possible. It’s been a shared experience of joy, laughter, and holiday spirit and we love sharing it with you all. Erwin Marine Sales is honored to have led the way, and as we say goodbye to this year’s 2023 Lighted Boat Parade, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in our Lighted Boat Parade adventure. Until then, may your holidays be as bright and cheerful as the lights that adorned the boats, creating a beacon of warmth and happiness for all. Cheers to glistening good times and the magic of the season!


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